Beautiful Edisto Beach State Park Campground

Edisto State Park Campground

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Edisto Beach State Park Campground

Edisto Beach State Park is one of our favorite campgrounds to visit. We try and go once a year. Edisto State Park is located on Edisto Island on the South Carolina coast between Charleston and Hilton Head.

Description of Edisto Beach State Park Campground

The Edisto Beach State Park has two different campgrounds, Live Oak and the beach. The beach campground is on a narrow slip of land between the ocean and a salt marsh. Although it is near the beach, shade is provided by palm trees throughout the campground except for sites 16-40. Unfortunately, this part of the campground has no shade so it will be scorching during the summertime.

Edisto Beach State Park Campground

Live Oak campground is on a salt marsh about a mile from the beach. Live Oak is a beautiful campground with lots of vegetation. There is plenty of shade and space between sites.

Edisto Beach

Amenities at Edisto Beach State Park Campground

The beach campground is right on the beach, where you can easily access the ocean using one of the dune walkovers. The beach is not commercialized and is never very crowded, especially in the area by the campground. Usually, the only people on this section of the beach are those staying at the campground.

There are several trails in the park to ride bikes or go hiking. All the trails except one are less than a mile long, perfect for a family stroll.

Edisto Beach State Park has excellent fishing. You can go surf fishing on the ocean or drop your line in the salt marsh. The salt marsh is perfect for catching flounder and whiting among other fish.

Edisto Beach State Park Campground

Edisto is fantastic for riding bikes, especially fat tire bikes, which are perfect for the beach (check out our guide on electric bikes for the campground). There are also several restaurants and a grocery store just outside the park gate, so you can easily ride your bike to shop and eat.

Favorite Sites at Edisto Beach State Park Campground

There are several good sites at the beach campground. Our favorite is site 69, which has shade and a large side yard. There is also a walkway to the beach directly behind the camper. We also like sites 61, 59, and 57.

There are a lot of excellent sites that are just too small for our camper. Sites 8, 9, and 10 are nice but small, perfect for a tent or a popup.

At Live Oak, all sites have great space, shade, and privacy due to the foliage. Our favorite spots are 112, 113, 114, 116, 120, 122, 124, and 125. These are all on the outer loop and sit on the marsh.

Edisto Beach State Park Dunes

Hookups at Edisto Beach State Park Campground

The campground at Edisto State Park has 20/30/50 electrical hookups and water.

Discounts at Edisto Beach State Park Campground

There are no discounts at Edisto State Park. However, during peak season, a campsite on the beach is only $70.00, which is a lot for a state park but cheap for staying on the beach.

Tips for Edisto Beach State Park Campground

Edisto Island has many specialty shops and restaurants, plus a grocery store and Ace Hardware. However, the nearest Walmart is about 45 minutes away. Be sure to pack all of your essentials before arriving at the campground.

Things To Do Near Edisto Beach State Park Campground

Edisto Beach is an excellent location to collect shells, sharks’ teeth, and fossils. After the tide goes out in the morning, you can comb the beach for fossils and shells. Jeremy’s Inlet is one of the most popular locations on the coast to collect artifacts. It is about a mile down the coastline from the campground.

There is an Environmental Learning Center located in the park. The learning center has several interactive exhibits and is a terrific place to learn more about the fossils you find on the beach. So if you find a treasure on the beach, bring it to the Environmental Learning Center, and there is a good chance that someone will tell you about it.

Loggerhead turtle nests at Edisto Beach

We usually visit Edisto in June; by then, the loggerhead sea turtles have started setting up their nests on the beach. After the nests are created, the rangers will set up small barriers so that the nests go undisturbed. If you are lucky enough to visit later in the season, you may see a hatchling as it travels to the ocean. Since there are so many loggerheads in the area, lights are not allowed on the beach after dusk from May through October because this could disturb the turtles. Check out the hatchling safely making its way to the ocean!

We do not like snakes, alligators, or reptiles in general. However, I would recommend visiting the Edisto Island Serpentarium. The serpentarium has alligators, snakes, lizards, and turtles. It has an indoor and outdoor area. I will take the kids to the serpentarium when we stay at the campground, but Brandi will not go.

The serpentarium has natural habitats in the outside area for all the reptiles, including the snakes. When visiting, you see the snakes uncaged in their natural surroundings. They have two different habitat areas, one for venomous snakes and one for non-venomous. We happened to be there at feeding time, and the employees brought out mice for the snakes. It was interesting to see how the different types of snakes killed their prey. All the natural habitat areas are unique, and we enjoyed visiting the serpentarium.

Botany Bay Plantation is another must-see destination. The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources owns Botany Bay Plantation on 4,000 acres. There is no charge to visit the plantation. You can see the remains of the house and three different 1840s outbuildings, which are still standing. You can also enjoy the beach at Botany Bay, which is loaded with shells. Just remember that removing shells is illegal at Botany Bay.

Botany Bay on Edisto Island

It is worth driving to see the canopy of oak trees which line the streets in several areas of Botany Bay. The roads are narrow in spots and may not be conducive to a large vehicle. We drove through in a crew cab F250 with an 8-foot bed, and there were areas where it was difficult to maneuver the truck.

To learn more about the island, visit the Edisto Island Museum. There is a minimal entrance fee. The museum tells the story of plantation life before the civil war, but it also tells the story of Edisto after the war, as newfound freedom changed the course of life on the island.

Favorite Restaurants Near Edisto Beach State Park Campground

There is lots of great seafood on the island. I believe we have eaten at every seafood restaurant in Edisto and never had a bad meal.

Our favorite is Whaley’s Restaurant. There is nothing fancy about Whaley’s, but the food is delicious. This is a great place to go for raw oysters. The restaurant has a lot of historical significance in the area as it was originally a gas station and convenience store. Whaley’s is one of the oldest restaurants on the island.

We also love Pressley’s at the Marina. They have deliciously fried and broiled seafood. Brandi loves the complimentary cold corn salad that they serve at each table.  

Flowers Seafood Company is another favorite. The main building is a market where you can purchase fresh seafood and bring it back to the campground. Behind the building is a food truck where they steam/fry delicious seafood. There is no indoor dining, but a pavilion with picnic tables is available if you want to eat there. We usually bring Flowers back to the campground.

In the morning, bike over to One 4 Coffee. They have fantastic breakfast croissants and coffee!

If you purchase fresh seafood to cook at the campground, stop by King’s Farm Market or George and Pink’s to get some fresh fruit and vegetables to add to your dinner. In addition to fresh vegetables, these little markets have freshly baked pies and cakes. George and Pink’s is a little off the main highway, so you can see island life as you travel down a side road.

Our family loves visiting Edisto Beach State Park. You get the benefit of the beach without all the condos and commercialism of Myrtle Beach or Panama City. So if you want a truly relaxing vacation at the beach, this is the place to go.

Have you stayed at Edisto Beach State Park Camping? We would love to hear from you. Please drop us a line in the comment section below!

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